As enthusiastic owners, trainers and breeders of Vizslas, Roy and Marty would like to help others own and enjoy their Vizsla or pointing breed dog to the maximum. In addition to being breed club members, they have involved themselves in various efforts to assist others.

Roy has served as an AKC Pointing Breed Judge for several years. This necessitated him to learn how to ride a horse, and despite the discomfort involved, he has enjoyed this activity. His interest in judging led him to propose to the AKC the concept of a scoring matrix to be used in educating AKC Pointing Breed Judges. This matrix appears on pages 42 and 43 of the current Regulations for AKC Hunting Tests for Pointing Breeds. In addition to judging, Roy has conducted training clinics and assists the Colorado Division of Wildlife with their Hunter Outreach Program. He has served for three years as a guide with his dogs during DOW hunter training clinics. He finds it rewarding to introduce young hunters to the sport of upland bird hunting.





Roy and Marty also help other pointing dog owners train their dogs. Marty has given demonstrations of Rally training. Roy has conducted numerous pointing dog hunt training clinics for dogs at all levels, and has given demonstrations. Examples of comments he has received appear below.

"I had the opportunity to attend the dog training demonstration put on at the Bass Pro Shops Fall Hunting Classic by Roy Sanford of the Vizsla Club of Colorado. It was a terrific demonstration highlighting the steps and depth of training it takes to have a truly finished pointing dog. Everyone who owns or is considering ownership of a pointing do should see this presentation!"

President, Colorado Gun Dog Association

"My husband and I enjoyed the knowledge you shared with us on Sunday. It got us excited about starting hunt training with our young dog."

Clinic Participant

"...I learned a lot. I liked the fact that you didn't force a dog to do anything, no e-collar use. You figured out what the dog needed to learn, and didn't push him/her beyond his/her ability."

Clinic Participant

Marty has authored several articles that have appeared in various club newsletters around the country. One of her most popular is her article, Lessons Learned Along the Way which describes some of the early experiences she and Roy had achieving Master Hunter titles. Another popular article by Marty is Novice Rally as Viewed by a Novice based on her experiences with Tuurk. Roy and Marty have also written an article on their training experiences titled Whoa! A Very Useful and Important Command. For training clinics, Roy has prepared three handouts: Notes on AKC Hunting Tests for Pointing Breeds, Notes on AKC Field Trials for Pointing Breeds and Things to Keep in Mind at Hunting Tests. They have received many favorable comments from people who found these articles to be helpful. Most recently, in response to requests, he also authored Training My Vizslas for Hunting--Some Personal Experiences; and, Training for JH and Beyond--Some Preliminaries which communicate his training philosophy. Copies of these articles can be obtained by clicking on the titles above.

Recipient of the 2011 VCA Outstanding Sportsmanship Award

Due to all of his efforts to help others and serve the sporting dog community, Roy received the Vizsla Club of America 2011 Outstanding Sportsmanship Award at the 2011 VCA Nationals. At the award ceremony he offered these brief remarks:

"I am truly honored to receive this award. Receiving this award is particularly gratifying since it is given by fellow vizsla owners. That makes it both personal and very special. Many thanks to the Selection Committee, the VCA Board and those members of the Vizsla Club of Colorado who supported my nomination. Thank you all.

I would be remiss if I did not also thank my wife, Marty. She has been a steadfast companion over the past forty years. I doubt I would be here this evening if it were not for her. There have been many mornings when she would rather have stayed in bed than get up at 6 am to help train our dogs. I owe her a special debt of gratitude upon which she will collect, I am sure.

Lastly, I believe the VCA should be commended for having this award. Sportsmanship is mentioned prominently in the VCA Code of Ethics. This award is one way to make the concept of sportsmanship visible within our club. Good sportsmanship should be a part of everything we do within the VCA. To the extent that is possible, our club will benefit greatly now and in the future.

In conclusion, I am privileged to receive this award. Thank you all for a memorable evening."


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